Our success depends on building strong partnerships with our customers, and we work tirelessly to provide the level of service that earns their business, their trust, and their loyalty.

7ITD’s success is contingent on choosing the right people for the right jobs, the right technology for the right task, and the right acquisitions for the right growth. Year after year 7ITD is committed to exceed its previous year’s financial record, to give a better result than the one most recently served, to find and keep the most talented staff, and to provide customers with the best solutions and service in the industry.

7ITD takes pride in its record of providing highly professional IT services to clients from various sectors of the economy. 7ITD services cover varied IT fields, ranging from technical support and implementation, customized to exclusive enterprise needs, to Microsoft full consultancy service schemes, as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner & Microsoft Certified Support Center.

7ITD provides full-fledged professional services which revolve around the following areas:

• IT Consultancy services

• System Integration services

• Microsoft Consultancy and Implementation services

• Networking and Infrastructure services

• Messaging and Collaboration services

• Support and Operational Services

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