About ME

Asslam-o-alikum / Hello visitors.

Well as my blog name show i,m Abbas Bashir 🙂  i have  a little experience in blogging and have started some blog in past for short time on various topics. this is my first personal blog which i,m started to share information about myself and to share my knowledge and feelings with other.

I will be grateful to all good friends especially like Mirza Yasir Imran who add my blog in his personal blogroll. Please post your suggestions and feedback here at my about page. Thanks

Abbas Bashir

  1. Yasir Imran says:

    Dear Abbas bro.

    I would apprciate Blogroll links to my blogs.


    • abbasbashir says:

      ok bhai zaror sorry my days and night are going a little busy i didn’t update my blog some some previous days. today i will make a section for dear friends like you 🙂

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