Love You My Love

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Global, My Posts
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I write these lines because I have the need to, you know me a hard time writing what I feel for you. You remember the day of 16 October 2009 the day when when our life get changed and we engaged with each other.

Today two years are passed but my feelings are not changed because you know we have thing to share, to talk a lot.Time passed and I wish to know more and more, as i always remember you my dream girl you were always a part of my thoughts, my dreams , my joys, and my every success and every acheivement .

I am happy now that waiting time for each is going to be end soon as the day will come of your Rukhsati :). I will remember to ever and I love you with love than a love grown over the years, I love you for who you are and what you have brought into my life that I admire and respect…. Love You Forever.

Forever Yours:



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